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Atlas Fitness & Performance provides a massive variety of services and amenities at our private fitness center located in Delray Beach, Florida. Here, you can get 1 on 1 Personal Training, Intense and Fun Classes, with Limited 24/7 Availability for members. We have several amenities including our Cold Plunge, Facilitated Stretching, Compression Boots, InBody Body Fat Analysis, and Theraguns Recovery Equipment. 

We are focused on setting out great experiences at our facility.

Exclusive Gym Services

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Personal Training

Our trainers have multiple years of accolades and experience ensuring you are provided the path to the results you want.


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Group Classes

We make sure every time you come to one of our classes, you experience the intensity and hit the right proportions each time. 


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Cold Plunge

The cold plunge replenishes energy, boosts mood, relinquishes anxiety, and gives you complete clarity.



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Facilitated Stretching

Facilitated stretching with our professional and experienced trainers and performance coaches ensures you get a good start and finish to your workout.


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Compression Boot Therapy

Compression Boot Therapy improves circulation, relieves pain, and gives you faster recovery, and faster workouts. It enhances your flexibility as well.


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Our sauna is a great place to reinforce weight and fat loss. It is another great way to relax post-workout. 



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InBody 550

Take accountability, and get the right numbers so you know where you are today to make a massive statement for tomorrow!


Fitness Center Services Provided By Atlas Fitness & Performance

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Personal Training

30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 75 min options

Benefits of Personal Training

Our Atlas personal trainers are expertly trained to create a tailored program that helps you achieve your individual health, fitness, weight loss goals. They look at your nutrition and lifestyle habits to optimize performance and bring out the best in you.

Atlas personal trainers provide one-on-one attention that you wouldn’t receive in a group setting. Instead of competing with other athletes, you’ll have the focused attention of your trainer on what you’re doing right, what you should be doing better and how to get there.

Atlas personal trainers are highly knowledgeable about injury prevention and rehabilitation. They can help you prevent injuries from happening and can even help during a rehabilitation process if you’ve been injured.

Working with an Atlas personal trainer can help boost your confidence and help you reach your fitness goals faster. Together, your trainer and you can celebrate the results you gain and create positive reinforcement as you get closer to your goals.

Personal trainers are incredibly motivated people and their enthusiasm can be contagious. With the right support and motivation, you may find yourself more determined than ever to reach your goals and stick to your training program.

Group Classes

Members: $20.00

Non-Members: $30.00

Saturdays 8:30am-9:45 75 mins.  All experience levels welcome

Benefits of Group Classes

Working out with a group can create an enjoyable atmosphere that encourages participation and completion of the workouts. The social element of a class can also help to keep people motivated and engaged. 

Group class training provides structure, so you don’t have to plan your own workouts. You can just show up and follow the parameters that are already set up. This can be helpful if you’re crunched for time and need to maximize your workout in a limited amount of time. 

Group classes offer a variety of workouts, so you can mix it up from session to session and avoid getting bored doing the same workout every day. 

Group class training gives you a chance to set and achieve fitness goals with the support of the trainer and other participants. This can be a great way to stay motivated and stay focused on results. 

Personal trainers are incredibly motivated people and their enthusiasm can be contagious. With the right support and motivation, you may find yourself more determined than ever to reach your goals and stick to your training program.

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Cold Plunge - Advanced Performance Therapy

Single Cold Plunge: $20
30 Min Guided Contrast: $80
(Up to 3 Rounds)
60 Min Guided Contrast: $120
(Up to 6 rounds)
Non Member:
Single Cold Plunge: $30
30 Min Guided Contrast: $90
(Up to 3 Rounds)
60 Min Guided Contrast: $130
(Up to 6 Rounds)

Benefits of Cold Plunge

Jumping into a cold plunge pool can help decrease inflammation and improve circulation.

Cold plunge pools help minimize muscle tightness and stiffness, leading to better joint flexibility and mobility.

Cold plunge pools can help relax muscles and improve their recovery following exercise.

Plunging into cold water induces an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Cold plunge pools are said to help improve sleep quality due to the calming, restorative effect the cold water has on the body.

Facilitated Stretching: Hands on Stretch with Trainer or Therapist

15-Min: $60
30-Min: $80
45-Min: $100
60-Min: $120 
15-Min: $70
30-Min: $90
45-Min: $110
60-Min: $130

Benefits of Facilitated Stretching

Facilitated stretching with a trainer uses the principles of exercise science to guide a client through a safe and effective stretching program tailored to the individual’s needs. 

Stretching for optimal physical performance or to facilitate healing and rehabilitation of injuries or sprains can overall improve range of motion, flexibility and physical health goals.

Trained fitness professionals can identify the best stretches for a clients fitness needs, depending on the the client’s current fitness level, movement limitations, range of motion, and physical limitations. They can then guide the body through safe, yet effective stretching techniques to ensure proper postural alignment and muscle activation. They can also provide clients with stretching modifications and progressions/regressions depending on the individual’s experience level.

It is important to note that self-stretching can lead to injury if done incorrectly, making facilitated stretching with a trainer a great option for clients who want to get the most out of their stretching regiments.

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Normatec Compression Boots: Speed Up Recovery and Reduce Inflammation

10-Min: $20
20-Min: $30
30-Min: $40
10-Min: $30
20-Min: $40
30-Min: $50

Benefits of Normatec Compression Boots

Compression Boot therapy alleviates uncomfortable swelling in the legs, ankles and feet by improving both lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The increased pressure helps to push fluid back up to the heart, which reduces the risk of clotting and eliminates fluid buildup.

Compression Boot therapy reduces pain by compressing the soft tissues, preventing inflammation, and reducing stress on the joints.

Compression Boot therapy increases lymphatic flow and reduces inflammation, meaning that you can heal quicker from exercise-related injuries, sore muscles and fatigue.

Working out in compression boots does not impact your performance and can even help you improve your performance. In addition, the increased blood and oxygen flow provides more energy for faster, longer and more intense workouts.

Improved oxygen and blood flow also helps to prevent cramps and stiffness, allowing you to improve your flexibility and range of motion, ideal for those who suffer from arthritis or other musculoskeletal issues.


$20.00 For Members

$30.00 For Non-Members

Benefits of Facilitated Stretching

Saunas are often used for detoxification, as the heat helps to open up pores and draw out toxins from the body through sweat.

The heat of the sauna causes your blood vessels to dilate, which helps to improve circulation throughout the body.

Many people use saunas to relax their muscles, which can help to alleviate pain.

Saunas can be a great way to relax and help reduce stress levels.

Sweating in the sauna can help to flush out bacteria and oils from the pores and help to keep skin healthy.

Although this isn’t a guaranteed result of using a sauna, the heat generated can help to promote weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

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InBody 550


The Inbody Scale 550 is a medical device used to accurately measure a person’s body composition. This includes body fat percentage, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, and other important metrics for overall health. It can be used to monitor progress in weight management or physical fitness programs, as well as to assess risk for certain diseases. People also use the Inbody Scale 550 to help inform decisions regarding diet and lifestyle modifications to improve overall health.


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